How do I contact the agencies if I have further questions?
Click here to view our Contacts Page that includes all of the land management agencies that manage public lands within the OwlsheadGPS Project Area.

Street Legal vs Green/Red Sticker OHVs
It is important to understand that several unpaved, dirt roads in the OwlsheadGPS Project Area are open ONLY to street legal vehicles with licensed drivers. These are depicted on the MapViewer and GPS Maps in blue. They can generally be found in the National Parks and National Forests.

Street Legal Only applies to all of:
   • Death Valley National Park
   • Joshua Tree National Park
   • Mojave National Preserve

About Private Property
Many of the OHV routes in the Project Area cross areas of private property and your continued access depends greatly on your staying on the designated trails. Please, always observe the signs on the trails and travel only the signed, designated open routes of travel.

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