OHV routes in the Jawbone and West Mojave regions of the OwlsheadGPS Project that are designated by the BLM for motor vehicle use are also depicted on their official West Mojave Supplemental Maps.

These supplemental maps includes the current legal motorized road and trail network in limited use areas on Bureau of Land Management public lands in the West Mojave Planning Area.  Supplemental maps are available for each of the 33 subregions in the planning area.

Motorized use is permitted only on routes signed "Open." Any route that does not have an "Open" sign is not legal for motorized use. Motorized use of any closed route will result in a fine or criminal prosecution.

The OwlsheadGPS Project team highly recommends that these BLM West Mojave supplemental maps be used as a companion to our GPS Map and route data.