What are the limitations to the Owlshead GPS Project's route data?

The route data IS NOT 100% accurate when compared with what is actually on the ground. Some of the route data is old and has not been ground-checked and corrected. Therefore, ALWAYS follow the signs and conditions on-the-ground, even if they are different than what is depicted by the Owlshead GPS Project.

Only in some places does the route data indicate routes that have been specifically designated for motorcycles and narrow-width OHVs only. All routes are signed on the ground and indicate when and how it is limited to certain types of vehicles.

The route data can indicate routes that are designated for seasonal use only. These routes are few in number and are indicated by signs on the ground.

The route data DOES NOT indicate routes that are designated for street legal vehicles only, such as county roads and other special designations. Please heed all signs on the ground.

Many of the OHV routes in the OwlsheadGPS Project cross private as well as public lands. Agencies may have OHV route data for some private lands but only the segments that cross public land are actually designated by agencies for OHV use. For your convenience, the OwlsheadGPS Project consolidates route segments into contiguous route data. Always obey signs posted by private property owners regarding access.

Many of the routes within the OwlsheadGPS Project have not been field checked for accuracy. Some route data comes from as long ago as 1985, before the use of GPS technology by land managers. Much of the route data was collected in 2001 and 2002, and some has been collected and corrected since. Regardless, the user is responsible for staying on the legal OHV trails.

Never rely on GPS devices or data exclusively. Always carry and consult printed maps and navigation tools such as a compass. Printed maps that cover the OwlsheadGPS Project Area can be found on https://www.jawbone.org/ohvmap/ and https://www.ohvmap.com.

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