The OwlsheadGPS Mobile App:
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See What the OwlsheadGPS app Can Do For You

Built with Official Route Data

The OwlsheadGPS App includes official OHV route data from participating land management agencies in California, combined into a mobile app designed for you, the outdoor enthusiast.

Display Detailed Trail Data

Tap on any trail to bring up a detailed menu containing helpful information about it. You can figure out how long a trail runs for, the Agency that manages it, where it starts and ends, and more.

Download Offline Maps and Trails

Whether you’re with or without Internet or Cell service, OwlsheadGPS’ downloadable maps will help you find your way, and allow you to explore all that California has to offer, no matter how remote.

Display and Update Your Location

No matter if you’re on the move, or staying in place, you’ll be able to find your live location within the OwlsheadGPS Project Area of over 101+ million acres of land.

Like and Share Your Favorite Trails

OwlsheadGPS allows you to save your Favorite Trails for easy viewing, and share them with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Manage Data Layers and Markers

Whether you’re looking for National Monuments, Wilderness Areas, National Park Lands, Equestrian-Only Areas and more, OwlsheadGPS has the tools for you to find the perfect locations for all of your favorite outdoor activities.

OwlsheadGPS, Entirely Free to Use

Unlike other outdoor trail apps, all of the data within the OwlsheadGPS App is entirely free to download and use, period. No need to sign up, watch ads, or pay a subscription to access all of the trails, maps and features you want.