About the Friends of Jawbone

The Friends of Jawbone
The OwlsheadGPS Project is an endeavor of the Friends of Jawbone.

Friends of Jawbone (FOJ) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to the promotion of outdoor recreation in the Jawbone Canyon area of East Kern County. Formed in 1998, Friends of Jawbone supports and develops projects to improve, protect and maintain existing trails and to promote understanding, education and cooperation among all users of public lands.

The FOJ organization consists of off-highway users and their local, state and federal agency representatives. These groups work together to ensure the continued availability of multiple use recreational opportunities in Jawbone Canyon and the surrounding area.

FOJ operates the busy BLM Jawbone Station Visitor Center on CA Hwy 14, about 20 miles north of Mojave. FOJ stocks the popular bookstore, coordinates its staff and volunteer activities at the station, and assists visitors to the area with their questions.

With the assistance of grants from the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division, FOJ maintains the local trails and assists public lands agencies with managing OHV use in the area.

When you support the Friends of Jawbone, you are supporting a coalition of users, groups and public agencies that really works for you!

The Friends of Jawbone’s premier annual event is Moose Anderson Days, held each year in April. At this event, volunteers work side-by-side with public officials on clean-up and restoration projects, enjoy guided tours of the area as well as a BBQ lunch and raffle. The Board of Directors hold their annual meeting at the conclusion of the event.

The Friends of Jawbone holds monthly meetings at the Jawbone Station where representatives of various public and private stakeholder organizations meet to discuss the various recreational issues, projects and programs.

Friends of Jawbone Mission Statement
The Friends of Jawbone has three goals:

1. To provide a forum for the users of public lands in and around Jawbone Canyon, in which to promote the preservation, multiple use and restoration of all public lands.

2. To support and develop projects which improve, protect and maintain existing trails in the area.

3. To promote understanding, education and cooperation between all the various users of public lands.

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