About Route Data Downloads

The OwlsheadGPS Project allows users to download OHV route files in either the KML or GPX formats. Both file formats are recognized standards for exchanging GPS data.

KML files can be opened by applications such as Google Earth or uploaded to your Google Maps account. GPX files can be opened by applications such as Garmin Basecamp (free), and National Geographic Topo. ExpertGPS is a low cost but versatile application that opens and saves GPS files in variety of formats.

Understand that these files will be most useful to experienced GPS users. In most applications, if given the choice, you’ll want to open as “tracks” rather than “routes.”

TIP: Because GPX and KML files are simply text files, when you download an individual GPX or KML route file using the MapViewer, your browser may display the file rather than download it to your computer.  If this is the case, simply perform a “Save” or “Save As” action being sure to append the “.gpx” file extension for GPX files, or the “.kml” extension for KML files.  Consult your browser’s Help resources for additional tips on downloading GPX and KML files.

If you continue to have trouble downloading individual route files, download our route sets that are compressed into the ZIP format.

For detailed information about these GPS file formats, see:

KML: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyhole_Markup_Language

GPX: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_eXchange_Format

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