How to Use the OwlsheadGPS Project Website

There are two ways to use the OwlsheadGPS Project website:

1. You can use our MapViewer to view interactive maps of designated OHV routes in the Project Area.
The Carto map system is easy-to-use, and allows you move across the map, zoom in and out, and print your own maps. Click on a route to launch a popup balloon with information about the route and links to download a GPS route file to your computer.

Click here for more information on the OwlsheadGPS MapViewer.

2. You can download our GPS Route Files in GPX and KML formats to view on your PC or Mac. Open the file using popular programs like Google Earth, National Geographic Topo, and Garmin Basecamp. Check the documentation for your mapping software to see if it will open or import GPX or KML files.

Click here for more information on downloading and working with GPS route files.

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